Your favourite Apollo flavours are now available in "Short Fills"!

    These bottles contain nicotine free e-liquid and they have not been filled to the top so you can add in a 10ml nicotine shot to to boost your e-liquid containing nicotine.

    The bottle contains 50ml of E-Liquid with 0mg nicotine and can be filled up to 60ml. Should you wish to obtain a liquid with a higher nicotine concentration, add a 10ml Nic'It shot of 18mg nicotine and pour the content into the 60ml bottle. This will result in a liquid with a concentration of 3mg nicotine. 

    After combining the 2 liquids shake vigorously for 1-2 mins until small bubbles appear and then leave to rest for another 30 mins to clear the bubbles.

    103 products

    103 products