Everything You Need to Know About Clearomizers

Apollo offers a large selection of clearomizers and vaping tanks, and with so many options, it can be confusing to decide on the one that is right for you. Almost each and every model produces a distinct vapor sensation based on its components. Our advice is to try out a few different models and find the one that suits your preferences. Follow this helpful guide to learn more about the differences and benefits of each model. Additionaly you can check this guide on how to use a clearomizer and e-liquids mixing.

What is Threading?

Similar to the threading on a screw, all e-cig batteries and cartridges have threading used to screw them onto each other. In order to be compatible, the threading types need to match between the batteries and the cartridges. Some common threadings include 510, eGo/evod, 906, 108 and 808D. 510 and eGo/evod tend to be the most common. A standard eGo/evod battery is compatible with both 510 and eGo threading, which is why you’ll often see them listed together. 906, 108, and 808D refer to the smaller e-cig batteries that more closely resemble actual cigarettes.

What are Coil Heads?

Coil heads are what house the wick and atomizer in clearomizers. Essentially, it’s the part that heats up and turns your e-liquid into vapor. Coil heads need to be replaced periodically, so a clearomizer with replaceable heads is more cost effective. Your coil head needs to be replaced when your vapor starts getting an unpleasant burnt/spicy flavor and/or the liquid inside turns dramatically darker. Coil heads come in different resistances, measured in ohms. The lower the resistance of your coil head, the hotter the coil will get. This temperature effects how the vapor feels when you inhale. Everyone has their own preferences, so it’s best to test out different resistances to find what you like best.

Top Coil vs Bottom Coil

The location of the wick and coil plays a role in the feel of the vapor and the performance of the clearomizer. Bottom Coil clearomizers have the wick and coil located at the base of the tank. This location keeps the wick submerged in e-liquid and saturated at all times, resulting in a smoother vapor feel, and allows you to get every drop of e-liquid in the tank. Top Coil clearomizers have their wick and coil located towards the top of the tank. This location results in a stronger throat hit, and can also make it difficult for the wick to stay saturated when your tank gets low on e-liquid.


Clearomizer and tanks tips for efficient use

Avoid Over Tightening

Be careful not to over-tighten your clearomizer onto the battery as this can strip the threading and eventually cause leakages.

Minimize Dry Hits

Avoid taking dry hits (puffing on the mouthpiece when there is no liquid in the tank).

Let the coil Soak

After adding the e-liquid, let it sit for about 5 minutes to allow the liquid to soak properly into the heating element. Puffing too soon is like taking a dry hit.

Don't Overfill the clearomizer / tank

Do not overfill your clearomizer. Overfilling may lead to your clearomizer not working with optimal performance and can also gunk up the heating elements.

Don't Run on Empty

Try to keep your clearomizer at least 40% full. If the liquid is low in the clearomizer/tank, it will take longer for the liquid to reach the heating element.

Take Your Time

Avoid taking multiple long puffs in a short period of time. Instead, space your hits out with several seconds between puffs.

Lay Off the Button

Don’t be button-happy. Only press the button on your battery while your lips are on the mouthpiece and you are puffing. Let go of the button just before you finish puffing.

Power Down the battery

Remember to turn off or lock the battery when you aren’t using it. This will prevent accidental activation, which can lead to burning out of the heating element.

Fill your clearomizer with Care

When filling your clearomizer, be careful not to get any liquid in the center hole. This is where the heating element sits and it can flood if liquid gets into it, thus preventing the clearomizer from heating correctly. This may also lead to a mouth full of liquid – something nobody wants.

Breathe Easy

While puffing on an e-cig, it is better to take a long, slow drag rather than fast, intense drags like you would from an analog cigarette.

Choose Wisely

Darker liquids, such as coffee and chocolate, are heavier and can cause your coil to burn out faster.

Don't Crack Up

Be aware that citrus and cinnamon flavored liquids can cause cracking to the polycarbonate (plastic) that some clearomizers are made with. Use these flavors with glass clearomizers/tanks.


Here are some more tips about what not to do with an e-cig.