Batteries and mods

Vaping mods and batteries

The battery is a vital element for the smoke-free life you have chosen. Vaping industry greatly depends on these little gems for heating the e-juice that is transformed into the so much appreciated vapour. When you think of batteries and vaping, you inevitably think about design, features and safety.

Having the above in mind, there is an Apollo vape battery to fit every lifestyle and satisfy any vaping need. Cig-a-like batteries offer the beginner vapers an enjoyable vape, while the eGo/Evod batteries, especially the variable voltage devices, can be successfully used by any beginner/intermediate vaper. Pair them with our high geared e-liquid tanks and enjoy the best vapour all day long!

The more advanced and powerful ecig batteries, mods and box mods feature wattage/temp control for an enhanced, fulfilling, over the top vaping performance. Once you have a taste of the astonishing flavours and unequalled clouds, there is no way back. Treat your powerful mod with care and only use genuine internal high drain 18650 rechargeable batteries.

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5 products