About us

Apollo: beyond the name

Apollo Future Technology – that’s Apollo E-cigs – is a different kind of company. Because different is good, right? We think so, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

First of all, we’re no longer Earthbound. Sure, we maintain close ties to the rest of the human population so we don’t get lonely. But here we are, rocketing around a galactic orbit and purely focused on one thing (apart from the view, which we assure you is spectacular): creating flawless e-liquids and premium-quality e-cigs so you can join us on our journey.

Now, you might wonder if we’re really on a spaceship. That’s a question we’ll let you decide for yourself… it does seem rather unlikely, so maybe not. But the advanced technology that seems to pour out of the Labs (to say nothing of their e-liquid flavour-blending talents) sure seems out of this world to us.

That’s why we chose a name that reflects our vision: a journey, a lifestyle, outside the box – outside the whole planet. To us, Apollo is much more than a name – it’s absolutely synonymous with exploration and discovery.

Exploration and discovery

Those words mean something, especially here. Apollo’s been at the forefront of electronic cigarettes on a number of levels. Some folks join the bandwagon… we build the wheels and take the reins.

Our lab technicians actively seek to improve every aspect of your vape experience. It’s all we do, all day long (and since we’re flying through space, those days can be very long, indeed). From the best new e-cigs to custom-created mods, we try everything. And only the very best make it out of the Labs – if we offer something for sale, you can take that as our personal recommendation: this is good.

Most of our e-liquid flavours never make it beyond the Lab airlock doors – we only ever offer the best, and sometimes in very limited editions (get ‘em while they’re hot!).

And that’s what exploration means to us – turning every stone, trying everything, until we hit on a true winner we can be proud to present to you. Accept nothing less.

Discovery? Well, we’ll make it easy for you, but that’s your job. Your journey. And it can take you as far as you’d like it to.


Apollo is one of the world’s most respected, best-recognised e-cig brands. That’s not because we spend a billion dollars on advertising – quite the opposite. You’ve told us that we offer superior products at better prices – and we just keep getting better.

Thanks! It seems a lot of people agree with you because we’ve expanded from a small California base to global distribution. Today, vapers around the world trust Apollo to deliver the consistent quality they expect – and we will never let you down.

Our team includes prominent industry experts who understand vaping inside and out. That helps us stay at the forefront of emerging technology to offer superior products and service at every turn. Yes, that’s a big job. But we love doing it.

Because although our journeys may take different paths, we’re all exploring similar horizons: a lifestyle free from tobacco and fully customizable to our individual preferences.


OK – we’ll level with you. Our spaceship is a conceptual one. All Apollo products (except for the ones from other companies, of course) are designed, developed, and exhaustively tested in our California lab facilities.

And between people and products, we only accept or offer the best – so it definitely feels like a spaceship on an expertly-guided tour. And once you’re here, your journey just keeps spiralling outward wherever you want it to go. Welcome aboard.

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