Speedvapor Truffle Butter Max VG E-Liquid (50ml short fill + nic booster)

Speedvapor Truffle Butter Max VG E-Liquid 50ml Short fill

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"Thinking out loud," or announcing it to the world, Truffle Butter is the way to go to calm that wild sweet tooth down! Fluffy marshmallows coated in sticky white chocolate and sandwiched with sweet honey graham crackers, you won't be able to wipe off that million dollar smile!


  • Propylene glycol USP (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerine USP (VG)
  • Natural and other flavourings

The bottle contains 50ml of E-Liquid with 0mg nicotine and can be filled up to 60ml. Should you wish to obtain a liquid with a higher nicotine concentration, add a 10ml Nic'It shot of 18mg nicotine and pour the content into the 60ml bottle. This will result in a liquid with a concentration of 3mg nicotine. 

After combining the 2 liquids shake vigurously for 1-2 mins until small bubbles appear and then leave to rest for another 30 mins to clear the bubbles.