Apollo EC ID product list

EC ID Product
01503-16-00001 Apollo E-Cigar 16mg
01503-16-00002 OHM GO Kit (PORTAL Tank, PORTAL Coils, OHM Battery)
01503-16-00003 RELIANT Kit (RELIANT Mod, PHAZER Tank, PHAZER Coils)
01503-17-00001 Apollo E-Cigar 16mg
01503-17-00002 Apollo Classic Tobacco Menthol 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00003 Apollo Classic Tobacco Menthol 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00004 Apollo Classic Tobacco Menthol 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00005 Apollo Berry Blend 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00006 Apollo Berry Blend 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00007 Apollo Berry Blend 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00008 Apollo Grape 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00009 Apollo Grape 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00010 Apollo Grape 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00011 Apollo New Menthol 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00012 Apollo New Menthol 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00013 Apollo New Menthol 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00014 Apollo Strawberry 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00015 Apollo Strawberry 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00016 Apollo Strawberry 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00017 Apollo Green Apple 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00018 Apollo Green Apple 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00019 Apollo Green Apple 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00020 Apollo Baja Burst 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00021 Apollo Baja Burst 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00022 Apollo Baja Burst 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00023 Apollo Watermelon 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00024 Apollo Watermelon 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00025 Apollo Watermelon 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00026 Apollo Razzle 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00027 Apollo Razzle 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00028 Apollo Razzle 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00029 Apollo Kiwi Watermelon 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00030 Apollo Kiwi Watermelon 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00031 Apollo Kiwi Watermelon 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00032 Apollo Triple Nickel 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00033 Apollo Triple Nickel 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00034 Apollo Triple Nickel 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00035 Apollo Pure Mist 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00036 Apollo Pure Mist 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00037 Pure Mist / Nic'It 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00038 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Raspberry Fused 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00039 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Raspberry Fused 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00040 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Blueberry Wired 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00041 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Blueberry Wired 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00042 A La Mode Chocolate Chip Cookie 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00043 A La Mode Chocolate Chip Cookie 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00044 SNCK Snickerdoodle Cookie 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00045 SNCK Snickerdoodle Cookie 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00046 SNCK Strawberry Papaya and Kiwi 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00047 SNCK Strawberry Papaya and Kiwi 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00048 SNCK Strawberry Rice Pudding and Graham Crackers 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00049 SNCK Strawberry Rice Pudding and Graham Crackers 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00050 Apollo Classic Tobacco 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00051 Apollo Classic Tobacco 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00052 Apollo Classic Tobacco 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00053 Apollo Menthol Breeze 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00054 Apollo Menthol Breeze 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00055 Apollo Menthol Breeze / Nic'It Freeze 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00056 Apollo Simply Tobacco 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00057 Apollo Simply Tobacco 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00058 Apollo Simply Tobacco 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00059 Apollo RY4 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00060 Apollo RY4 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00061 Apollo RY4 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00062 Apollo French Vanilla 50VG-06mg
01503-17-00063 Apollo French Vanilla 50VG-12mg
01503-17-00064 Apollo French Vanilla 50VG-18mg
01503-17-00081 Zour Strawberry Kiwi 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00082 Zour Strawberry Kiwi 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00083 Zour Blue Raspberry 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00084 Zour Blue Raspberry 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00085 Zour Watermelon Berry 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00086 Zour Watermelon Berry 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00087 Zour Apple 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00088 Zour Apple 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00089 Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00090 Due Time Vanilla Bean Milkshake 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00091 Due Time Crisp Fuji 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00092 Due Time Crisp Fuji 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00093 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Watermelon Charged 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00094 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Watermelon Charged 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00095 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Mango Shocked 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00096 Firefly Orchard Electric Lemonade Mango Shocked 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00097 O' So Good Glazed Donut with Vanilla Cream 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00098 O' So Good Glazed Donut with Vanilla Cream 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00099 Smoozie Maui Waui 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00100 Smoozie Maui Waui 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00101 FAQ Funky Monkey 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00102 FAQ Funky Monkey 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00103 FAQ Guava Blast 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00104 FAQ Guava Blast 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00105 FAQ Green Party 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00106 FAQ Green Party 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00107 DSRT Strawberry Cream Cannoli 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00108 DSRT Strawberry Cream Cannoli 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00109 DSRT Raspberry Cheesecake 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00110 DSRT Raspberry Cheesecake 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00111 DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00112 DSRT Mint Chip Milkshake 70VG-06mg
01503-17-00113 DSRT Vanilla Bean ICE Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich 70VG-03mg
01503-17-00114 DSRT Vanilla Bean ICE Cream Sugar Cookie Sandwich 70VG-06mg
01503-18-00115 Salt Nic Tobacco - Havana Nights 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00116 Salt Nic Tobacco - King Pin 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00117 Salt Nic Smoozie - Maui Waui 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00118 Salt Nic Smoozie - Strawberry Gone Wild 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00119 Salt Nic Apollo - Berry Blends 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00120 Salt Nic Apollo - Breeze 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00121 Salt Nic Apollo - Mango 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00122 Salt Nic Apollo - Melon 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00123 Salt Nic Apollo - Refresh 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00124 Salt Nic Apollo - RY4 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00125 Salt Nic Apollo - Tobacco 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00126 Salt Nic Apollo - Tobacco Menthol 50VG-20mg
01503-18-00127 Salt Nic Apollo - Watermelon 50VG-20mg
01503-19-00001 BREZ Replacement Pod - Salt Nic Berry Blend 50VG-20mg
01503-19-00002 BREZ Replacement Pod - Salt Nic Breeze 50VG-20mg
01503-19-00003 BREZ Replacement Pod - Salt Nic Melon 50VG-20mg
01503-19-00004 BREZ Replacement Pod - Salt Nic RY4 50VG-20mg
01503-19-00005 BREZ Replacement Pod - Salt Nic Tobacco 50VG-20mg
01503-19-00006 BREZ Pod Deluxe Kit (BREZ Battery)
01503-19-00007 Smoozie Strawberry Gone Wild 70VG-03mg
01503-19-00008 Smoozie Strawberry Gone Wild 70VG-06mg
01503-19-01024 Smoozie Blue Rizzle Salt 50VG-20mg
01503-19-10025 Smoozie Blue Rizzle ICE Salt 50VG-20mg
01503-19-10026 Smoozie Blue Rizzle 70VG-03mg
01503-19-10027 Smoozie Blue Rizzle 70VG-06mg
01503-19-10028 Smoozie Blue Rizzle ICE 70VG-03mg
01503-19-10029 Smoozie Blue Rizzle ICE 70VG-06mg
01503-19-10030 Smoozie Perfectly peachy Salt 50VG-20mg
01503-19-10031 Smoozie Perfectly peachy ICE Salt 50VG-20mg
01503-19-10032 Smoozie Perfectly peachy 70VG-03mg
01503-19-10033 Smoozie Perfectly peachy 70VG-06mg
01503-19-10034 Smoozie Perfectly peachy ICE 70VG-03mg
01503-19-10035 Smoozie Perfectly peachy ICE 70VG-06mg