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    Pod kits are like the middleman. They sit in between the complex and often large box mod style vape kits, and the more basic all-in-one cig-a-like designs. Pod systems are the latest generation of vaping kits that allow the user to either buy pre-filled e-liquid pods or refill their own.

    Handy spare replacements are often available and within some, you can change coils in and reuse. Other pods are designed to be refilled a few times then disposed of as the coil wears out. Pod-style refills come both pre-filled and empty so many pod mod vapers top up their kit with their preferred liquids.

    One of the best pod vaping kits we have online is the Brex Deluxe Pod Kit, with a 320MAH battery and 5 Salt Nic 20MG pods. Its sleek design provides a smooth vaping experience making it the best choice as an e-cigarette and pod system. We created this bespoke pod kit to revolutionise the e-cigarette making our design even more efficient and simplistic than traditional combustible cigarettes.

    You can shop our whole range of the best pod vape kits, pod systems, and replacement parts below. Don’t forget we also offer free UK delivery on orders over £30.

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    11 products