What NOT to do with an electronic cigarette (safety advice)

What NOT to do with an electronic cigarette (safety advice)

Sometimes it is better knowing what NOT to do instead of knowing what you should do, especially when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Either you are a beginner or a most advanced vaper, we hope you’ll find here all the info you need to make the most of your vaping experience. And if not so, feel free to share with us your funny or embarrassing stories.

Don’t drop it like is hot

It may sound funny when reading it, but it is not pleasant at all to destroy your vaping device due to negligence.

Although the e-cig components are usually well built, meeting high quality standards, exposing them to a great fall (especially on hard surfaces) may cause serious damage – your clearomizer’s glass might break, your battery may start to have technical issues, etc. Make sure to keep your e-cig on a safe, plain surface and purchase a carry case when travelling. E-cig batteries should never be carried in the same pocket or threw up in the purse together with your keys, coins or any other metallic object. For extra safety we recommend to turn off your device when you are not using it.

Don’t mess with the weather

Don’t push your luck and expose your electronic cigarette to extreme temperatures. Fortunately, e-cigarettes are pretty solid devices. If there is one part you should take extra care when it comes to temperature, that is the battery. Exposing your e-cig to extreme temperatures can cause some serious malfunctioning or can kill your battery for good. Extreme heat conditions can cause melting or deforming. You should also be aware of rapidly changing temperatures, high humidity or condensation.

Don’t act like you are smoking a regular cigarette

Don’t take quick, short drags like you would smoke a traditional cigarette. Electronic cigarettes aren’t designed to work this way, so if you use this technique, you won’t get the desired experience. Plus, you might get the rather unpleasant feel of e-liquid in your mouth or even cause leaks inside the battery.

Don’t get too excited on the chain vaping either. After a few draws from your e-cig, allow a couple minutes in between vaping sessions as the device needs some cooling as well. Prolonged vaping can lead to sore throat, irritation or vaper’s tongue.

Stay away from reckless crafting

Don’t try to upgrade your device without prior and thorough knowledge on how exactly all its components work and match. Yes, the cloud chasing sounds fancy and so, but make sure to do some research before trying to move on to a more advanced battery or to the new cool tank you heard about.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets

Don’t expose the e-liquid you use at the reach of children or pets, as they might be harmful for them. You would not drink from a bottle of e-liquid (especially if you’ve ever accidentally tasted the stuff) so make sure you keep your e-liquid bottle where they can not easily get. To prolong the life of your e-liquid, it’s best to keep it in normal to cold condition, away from sources of fire, heat or strong light.

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