Vaping while driving (a few tips on driving safely and vaping at the same time)

Vaping while driving (a few tips on driving safely and vaping at the same time)

Vaping has become a substantial part of our lifestyle. E-smoking it therefore associated with stress relief, a simple and pleasurable way to take a break or just an enjoyable habit in your everyday life. Things change a little when you are on the go, especially if you plan to have a fully satisfying vape experience while driving.

UK legislation

Currently, the UK law is banning smoking in cars containing children. Starting October 1st, 2015, the UK drivers caught smoking while travelling with minors can face legal actions. Therefore it is considered an offence to smoke alongside passengers under 18. It is also your responsibility to stop other car passengers to act so. Any driver that is not respecting this law can receive a ticket and a £50 fine. These rules don’t apply to e-cigarettes (vaping).

The purpose of this law is to protect minors from the dangers of second-hand smoke. However, a 17-year old driving alone and smoking/vaping would not be breaking the law, but risks to be pulled over by the police. In this case, the adult or the retailer that purchased/sold the cigarettes or electronic e-cigarette to the minor will receive a £50 fine.

The police have the right to stop you if your visibility while driving is reduced to none. So avoid any safety problems by ensuring that dense vapour clouds don’t draw the police attention.

Your safety and the safety of other drivers comes first

Distracted drivers are more likely to have and cause car accidents. The best way of dealing with any situation that might distract your attention from the road ahead of you is to ensure you’re pulled over. This includes eating, drinking, texting, changing the CDs or radio stations and of course vaping maintenance (basically any activity that requires the use of both hands).

Fully filled and fully charged

E-cigs are safer than regular cigarettes for driving, as you avoid the risk of dropping your burning cigarette and set your car on fire. Vaping itself when driving does not represent a danger at all. There is a different story though when you have to refill your tank, change your coils or look around everywhere for your battery charger.

Whenever travelling is involved, make sure your vaping device is fully filled and fully charged. If we are talking about longer drives and a considerable amount of time spent in your car, having vape back-ups is a must (backup battery, backup clearomisercar charger).

Keeping things organised

Having the backup devices with you when driving it sure is useful, but make sure to keep them close and very well organised. If you need a new full charged battery and you left it in your trunk, it’s useless. Any type of car organiser will prove to be extremely efficient in this case, so you can keep your e-cig components safe in transit and within your grasp.

Clear sight

The feeling you get when you can finally vape in the very own comfort of your car after a long day at work is priceless! But things can get pretty messy if you produce too much vapour and have limited visibility even for a few seconds.

What can you do to avoid this? It is quite simple – just make sure you do not blow the vapour in front of you (you block your field of vision this way), but sideways and always keep your window down so the vapour can dissipate quickly.

If you constantly vape inside your car, you may have noticed some kind of a film build up on your window glass. This happens especially to the advanced vapers that use powerful devices and produce massive clouds of vapour (sub-ohm vaping). To avoid this build up to be produced, make sure your windows are always down. If this still is not enough, you may try your car’s defroster.

A thorough window cleaning routine is mandatory for you to get rid of those nasty build ups. You can try the auto glass window wipes or dry paper towel.  If that is not enough to solve your problem, clean your car windows with a microfiber cloth and a window cleaning solution that contains vinegar and your problem is gone. At least, for a while…

Other tips for vaping and driving

If you are planning a long drive, you might want to reduce the amount of nicotine inhaled. Taking too many puffs, especially of high nicotine levels, may lead to dizziness. Therefore it is better to avoid this uncomfortable situation and risking your health and safety.

Using a stainless mouthpiece while driving is a risk you don;t want to take. Just imagine the scenario of inhaling while hitting a hole in the road or any other object. So, keep your smile intact and stick to the plastic drip tips when driving.

Vaping drivers etiquette

It is neither polite or safe to throw any used e-cig parts out of your car window. Manage any disposable or replaceable e-cig parts with responsibility until you find a suitable trash can. Many components of your vaping devices may damage the car tires when found on the road, or they can simply end up in the reach of children or pets.

Show respect to your passengers. Avoid vaping in a vehicle with young children and always ask the adults if they mind. The vapour produced by the vaping devices it’s not dangerous at all for the bystanders, but it can be irritating especially in tight spaces.

Please note that Apollo E-Cigs is not advising you to smoke while you drive. Doing so is your sole responsibility. 

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