Vaping styles - the ways to get the most of your e-cig (the most effective advice)

Vaping styles - the ways to get the most of your e-cig (the most effective advice)

In the world of electronic cigarettes, the vaping itself it is a very different and complex experience. There are a lot of factors that can influence your overall vaping experience as the device you are using, the type of e-liquid you have chosen or just the vaping style that you prefer.

When it comes to vaping styles, there is no good or bad way of doing it…it’s just a matter of choice. The best thing about is having the chance to experiment with different ways of vaping to see which one works best for you to fully enjoy the experience. The most important thing is to feel the pleasure and comfort of vaping.

When switching to vaping, the most difficult part is to get that you have to take long, slow, gentle drags in order to get a good amount of vapour into your mouth and not do the quick, strong inhaling like on a regular cigarette. Once you get familiar with the right feel of vaping and master the technique of inhaling, you’ll get rid of problems like having e-liquid in your mouth, coughing, etc.

Mouth Hit

The mouth hit is by far the most simple way of enjoying your vapour. Whenever you feel that your lungs need a break, simply take long, soft draws from your e-cig directly into your mouth. This will quickly fix your nicotine cravings as nicotine can be absorbed through the receptors in your mouth and nose. Not to mention that your taste buds will have enough time to process the flavour and this way you can actually appreciate the flavour of the vape much more. Simply release the vapour through your mouth or nose (exhaling through the nose will involve your smell sense into it, enhancing, therefore, the whole flavour experience).

There is no need to worry about the device you are using, as the mouth inhale can be achieved easily with any type of gear (anything from the cig-a-likes to the starter or advanced kits).

Mouth To Lung (MTL)

The mouth to lung style is the most similar to the way an analogue cigarette is smoked, being, therefore, the easiest and the most pleasurable style for those who quit smoking and start vaping. In comparison to the Direct Lung style of vaping, the MTL is less intense, but softer and provides the familiar feel and comfort of smoking.

What is this style about? Well, just as it sounds like, you draw the vapour into your mouth first, hold it for a couple of seconds and then inhale it into your lungs. Because you hold the vapour in your mouth a little, just like the mouth inhaling, you get to feel the flavour a lot better.

What type of device works best for MTL? You can practically use any type of tank for the mouth to lung style. It is better when used with high resistance coils (higher than 1 ohm) and long, narrow drip tips. The MTL style can be also used with a sub-ohm set-up – just make sure that you close your airflow holes so you can get the tight draw similar to a cigarette and more flavour into the mouth.

If we are talking about e-liquids, those containing a higher amount of PG will suit better as they provide a stronger ‘throat hit’ – pretty similar to tobacco smoking and carry flavour more effectively than VG. And yes, Mouth to Lung is more about the flavour than it is about clouds.

Direct To Lung / Direct Lung (DL)

Direct Lung vaping is the style preferred by the advanced vapers as they are looking for a more intense hit and lots of vapour when exhaling. Often associated with sub-ohm vaping, the DL is more powerful than MTL and more satisfying in terms of throat hit and dense clouds.

What is this style about? The Direct Lung style of inhaling is similar to taking deep breaths – so you just have to suck the vapour from the drip tip directly into the lungs. This will make you feel less flavour, but definitely, will allow you to blow bigger clouds.

What type of device works best for DL? If you are shooting for Direct Lungs, then a higher wattage and low ohm coils are more suitable. The RDAs, advanced kits or the sub-ohm tanks are the most appropriate for this style of vaping. Best results require heating the e-liquid at high temperatures so you need to inhale quickly to avoid a hot vape and keep the vape cool. It is possible to do Direct Lung with plus 1ohm coils but the vapour production is less noticeable. And, as DL is all about massive vapour, a large airflow and a wide drip tip will do the trick.

What e-juices are to be used? As Direct Lung means more vapour and less flavour, the high VG e-liquids are recommended as they produce large amounts of dense vapour. If you’re taking more vapour directly into your lungs, you may want to lower your nicotine level as the feel and the throat hit may seem too intense. Many vapers take Lung Hits with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg as anything higher than that will be too strong for DL and cause a sore throat.

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