Upgrading your vaping kit (5 aspects to look at)

Upgrading your vaping kit (5 aspects to look at)

So…you decided it’s time to move on from the starter kit you are currently using or feel like there are so many high tech vaping devices out there that is a pity not to give them a try. And you are right. From sub-ohm tanks to variable wattage batteries, the electronic cigarettes industry is constantly improving and offering new features.

Battery upgrade

Most of the ex-heavy smokers are not easy satisfied with a 600 mAh battery, as it won’t last a whole day of intense vaping. Therefore, they are always carrying two batteries and recharging one as using the other or vaping passthrough while working on computer (I know what I’m saying).

What any vaper should be interested in when it comes to the amount of puffs inhaled is the amount of electricity the chosen battery can carry. Batteries are rated by milliamp hours (mAh) and as a general rule, it’s safe to assume that for every 100 mAh you can get roughly 1 hour of use time. The discharge may vary in relation of how much they are used or what the capacity of the resistance/coil is (the higher the resistance, the more the battery is working to heat up the e-liquid, so the battery discharge faster).

New battery features

The advanced batteries we current have go beyond your need for prolonged vaping. The VTube 5.0 has been upgraded with Temperature Control and up to 50W of vaping power so it can be used with the latest sub-ohm tanks. It can fire an atomizer down to 0.2 ohms and offers a smooth yet intense experience for any vaper. The E2R Digital Display gives real time updates of all your vaping specs like battery life, wattage setting, voltage output, atomizer resistance and even a re-settable puff counter.

The Reliant 75W features Temperature Control + TCR, the most advanced technology in the vaping industry. It has 2 Firing Modes for Vaping Precision – Temperature Control, and Wattage. In Temperature Control Mode, you choose from 100°C to 300°C with up to 75W of maximum power and our ultra-portable mod is sensing how fast the atomizer heats up and prevent firing when your coil is dry, making sure you don’t experience any burnt or dry hits. In Wattage Mode, the Reliant is compatible with traditional kanthal coils or any wire that is not temperature control compatible. A range of 5W – 75W provides you with great vaping power and the flexibility you need to work with any atomizer or clearomizer. The Reliant offers flexibility in charging as well – remove the rechargeable 18650 battery  or use the USB Pass-Through Charging to charge your battery and use the device at the same time.

Clearomizer upgrade

The old generation of clearomizers do their job just fine, but they are small and need to be refilled more frequently. 1,6 ml is a good option if you want to switch flavours frequently, but I believe most of the vapers don’t want to do that. On the other hand, the new generation of tanks are large enough to carry the necessary ejuice for a whole day.

New tanks features

Most of the new tanks are Sub Ohms – Sub Ohm vaping is all about huge vapour production, intense flavour and warmer vapour which helps to simulate the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes.

Apollo’s Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank allows you to independently control your e-liquid and air flow with a simple twist. The design has been optimised to provide the most vapour production and an intense amount of flavour. The tank holds 3.5ml of e-liquid and comes with our own specially designed coil heads in 0.2 ohm and 0.5 ohm.

The Portal Tank makes sure you have enough e-liquid with you while on the go – 3ml of your favourite flavour. The two part tank is designed to fill easily with little to no chance of a spill and the All-in-one coils are designed to be replaced quickly with no mess. Perfect for higher VG liquids, the 0.5 ohm coil comes pre-installed for your convenience, while the extra 1.0 ohm coil is ideal for higher PG liquids. When it comes to look, the Ultra-Durable Rubberized Coating provides excellent hand feel and no-slip grip and protects the Portal from scratching and dirt wipes right off.

Buy a brand new kit

If the option of upgrading only your current battery or clearomizer simply does not work for you or you are worried that they will not function optimal together, our recommendation is to buy an advanced kit.

The Reliant 75W Starter Vape Kit by Apollo features the Reliant 75W Mod + Phazer Tank described above. The Reliant Kit is total control in the palm of your hand and ensures you everything you need from the battery and tank to charging cable, coils, battery charger and even a delicious Fa-Q e-liquid of your choice.

The VTube V5.0 Vaping Kit comes with everything you need to experience advanced vaping. To provide the best experience possible we’ve paired the VTube V5.0 battery and our Phazer Sub-Ohm Tank. The combination allows you to dial in that perfect all day vape with full control over the temperature, air and liquid flows. The kit also provides you a stylish carry case, battery and charger and a 16 ml bottle of Max VG e-liquid.

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