Travelling with your e-cig abroad (dos and more important DON'Ts)

Travelling with your e-cig abroad (dos and more important DON'Ts)

We all love to travel. And the electronic cigarette has become an important part of our day to day life. So…how can we travel abroad with our vaping devices? This short article will let you know all about the essential preparation required by travelling, how to safely carry your e-cig and where to vape.

How and what to pack

First of all, you need a protective case so that you can have your device, spare parts (coil heads, spare drip tip) and accessories (charger) all in one place ( this will also decrease the chance of breaking your clearomiser or ruin your electronic cigarette while travelling).

Make sure that you have your e-cigUSB charger/chargerwall adapternew coil heads and of course, enough e-juice (as you may not find a vape store near your location or you simply will not be a fan of other e-liquids than you normally vape).

If you plan to take your e-juice in the hand luggage you should keep your e-liquid bottles in a resealable, transparent plastic bag with the other liquids you need to take (containers must hold no more than 100 ml and the entire plastic bag should have no more than 1 litre). On the other hand, if you are to take the e-liquids in the checked luggage you want to make sure that the bottle is wrapped up thoroughly (bubble bags should do just fine) and won’t suffer any damage as the hold baggage can be handled roughly.

Our recommendation is to turn off your battery and take out the batteries from your mod while you travel.

You might also want to remove the clearomiser/tank from the battery when not in use as it uses a little bit of charge even when you are not inhaling (when the clearomiser is still attached can cause pressure to where your battery connects to the clearomiser and this lead to your battery’s connection breaking, exposing wires and stripping threads).

It’s also worth mentioning that many vapers have experienced leaks from their clearomiser/tank whilst onboard due to the pressure in the cabin so it is better to empty your tank before boarding.

Vaping devices on board

Before going to a trip abroad, we recommend you to check what are the rules and laws on electronic cigarettes in the country you plan to visit so you don’t have to face less pleasant incidents (being fined, having your e-cig confiscated or even getting imprisoned).

E-cigs regulations can change at any time, so it’s worth contacting your airline company in advance and check their rules about e-cig devices (especially if you are travelling with powerful batteries).

Most airlines allow electronic cigarettes onboard inside the hand luggage, but it is prohibited to carrying electronic smoking devices in checked baggage. Charging the devices (batteries) on board is also prohibited.

Where can we vape?

The idea of not vaping for a few hours can be somehow terrifying. Airport rules on vaping can be very different, but most of the time you can blissfully vape inside the designated areas  (vaping or smoking lounges). So things aren’t that bad.

Vaping inside the airplane can be disturbing for the other passengers and can also set off the fire alarms. This is the reason most of the airline companies bans vaping on board just like smoking.

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