Which tobacco flavour is right for me? (8 flavors that will substitute cigarettes successfully)

Which tobacco flavour is right for me? (8 flavors that will substitute cigarettes successfully)

Vaping is a great way to leave the nasty smoking habit behind. This doesn’t mean you have to give up to the rich and oh-so-comforting tobacco taste you’ve been so attached to. There is a wide variety of tobacco e-liquids available on the Apollo Ecigs UK site that can simply satisfy any taste. Each of them have the classic tobacco feel, but in a very unique and distinctive way. Some are dry, some are more sweet, minty or aromatic – read our brief guide and see what the Apollo tobacco inspired flavours are all about.

Which one is right for you? Nobody can make this decision for you – it’s your call.

Simply Tobacco E-Liquid – the closest flavour to that of a combustible cigarette

As far as flavour is concerned, this is the closest experience to a regular cigarette! It’s no secret that most vapers are ex-smokers who need to have an e-liquid that mimics the flavour and feel of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Of course no e-liquid is going to taste just like a cigarette, but this simple, dry tobacco flavour is the next best thing.

Classic Tobacco E-Liquid – the perfect American tobacco blend

If you used to smoke and love the Classic American tobacco blend with cowboys and all, this flavour actually reproduces the bright flavour and medium throat hit you are familiar with. Classic Tobacco is a full bodied and robust tobacco flavour with a slight hint of sweetness on the finish.

Classic Tobacco Menthol E-Liquid – the closest thing to regular menthol cigarettes

If you love tobacco and menthol, this traditional blend of American tobacco flavours gives you both! Have a taste of this full-bodied flavour that so perfectly balances the warmth of tobacco with the chill of menthol.

Sahara E-Liquid – strong, rich, aromatic Turkish tobacco blend

Turkish tobacco, the inspiration for our Sahara e-liquid, is somewhat darker and more complex than other popular tobaccos. It can be best described as multi-layered, hearty and sweet with a slightly woody finish. What do you get? A strong throat hit, lots of flavour and an incredibly smooth texture.

Turkish Blend E-Liquid – pure Turkish tobacco blend with grassy finish

This aromatic Turkish blend focuses purely on the mild spiciness of straightforward tobacco. Clean, simple flavours with a medium throat hit and lightly grassy finish.

Triple Nickel E-Liquid – fresh, grassy, mature tobacco finish

This E-Liquid is a light-but-rich, complex take on the popular English cigarette brand “555”. It is bright, fresh, and grassy; it has buttery hazelnut undertones and also a robust, mature tobacco finish.

American Cigar E-Liquid – smoky, spicy aroma that screams luxury

There are times when you want a full bodied but more sophisticated tobacco flavour – one that is not too sweet. That is when American Cigar kicks in – spicy, aromatic flavour, with subtle notes of caramel and a long, bold finish and solid throat hit.

RY4 E-Liquid – sweet twist on traditional American tobacco

One of the most popular e-liquid in the world and one of our bestsellers e-liquids for sure! It combines a bright American tobacco blend with rich caramel and the barest hints of vanilla.

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