Tips for getting a new vaping kit (for upgrades or giving up smoking)

Tips for getting a new vaping kit (for upgrades or giving up smoking)

Getting a new vaping kit is a true source of enthusiasm – how will my flavour taste with the new tank? How much better the new battery is? How much vapour it will produce? It can be a lot of fun also when you think of the various options you have when it comes to clearomizers, batteries and of course, the multitude of extremely delicious e-liquid flavours you can try.

If you are planning to purchase a new vaping kit, here are some useful tips.

Note: If you are new to vaping you might want to read The short guide for new vapers.

Spend some money on yourself

Either you are buying your first vaping kit (we strongly recommend you the OHM Go Kit by Apollo) or upgrading your current vape gear, don’t grab the cheapest kit on the market. Satisfy your expectations and do spend a little bit on high quality ecig kits. At the end of the day, even buying a more expensive vaping kit (like the Reliant 75W Starter Vape Kit by Apollo) comes cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting

Some vaping kits may do wonders for some vapers, but they may not be right for you. Don’t get influenced by the others, but find by yourself what works for you best. By doing some experimenting, you will be able to determine what is the optimal setup for you, which are the best e-liquid brands, the preferred PG/VG ratio (like 50/50 PG/VG in our Signature Series and Apollo E-liquids or maybe Max VGs like Fa-QLindbergh or Unstoppable), and each of those findings will make the entire vaping experience so much better.

Do some research

Read meticulously the producer specifications, including the technical details to find out if a certain vape kit is right for you. There are also a lot of reviews out there so you can have a feel of what the kit is about. Try to be in the know of new vaping products and innovations so follow the Social Media for the latest news and vaping technology. And do not worry – if you are not satisfied with the vapours it produces, the taste of the e-liquid or the whole vaping experience, you can always change its parts afterwards.

Have a backup

Many kits come with two of everything (see the Apollo Endeavor Kit).  It is such an easy way to ensure that you always have a recharged battery available or a second clearomizer filled in case you run out of e-liquid. And why not, you will be playing extra safe just in case one of them breaks.

Never run out of supplies

A true vaper knows how important is to keep his device in great shape. Take your charging cable with you even on short trips (if you are using a rechargeable battery), or at least two batteries (for the 18650 powered mods like Apollo VTube V5.0 Vape Mod). When it comes to coils, we recommend purchasing at least a 5-pack together with your kit – to prolong the lifetime of your coil and avoid the burnt taste, make sure that the e-liquid inside the clearomizer/tank is never lower than half.

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