Summer Travel Tips for Vaping on the Go (car + plane simple checklist)

Summer Travel Tips for Vaping on the Go (car + plane simple checklist)

Summer travel time is now upon us and many will be heading out on vacations and weekend trips to enjoy the season. You most definitely will not want to be without your favorite device or e-liquid—but with new rules and regulations popping up all the time, what do you need to know to be prepared for vaping this coming season?

If You’re Traveling By Car

If you’re going to be doing most of your traveling by car, preparation will be a breeze. Think of some accessories that will make your traveling easier. Buy a charger with an adapter for your automobile. Also consider stocking up on items where a back-up or spare would be helpful. A second battery, for instance, can save you in case of unexpected battery failure, so consider packing an extra in addition to your charging supplies.

A few things you should always remember:

  • Never leave device or e-juice in hot car – the heat can compromise the battery and the e-juice both, especially in the hot summer months.
  • Bring a back-up – Many people opt for carrying a whole second device, like a cig-a-like, to manage emergency dead batteries and empty tanks. These devices are easy to use and compact, making them easy to take with you anywhere.
  • Don’t drip and drive – It’s tempting, and you might have even done it before, but don’t fill your tank while driving. Distracted driving is dangerous and scary for everyone on the road, so make sure you are filled up and ready to go before you hit the car.
  • Clean your windshield – After extended periods of vaping in the car, a residue can sometimes build up on the inside of your windows and windshield. For safety and best visibility clean regularly.

If You’re Traveling By Plane

Depending on where you are traveling, you may find that e-cigarettes are banned in checked luggage, maybe even in carry-ons. For instance, the TSA in the United States prohibits traveling in or out of their country with electronic cigarettes in your checked bags. Airports in the UK each manage their e-cigarette policies differently, however most follow the same common procedures for safety. Things to remember when traveling in the UK with e-cigarettes:

  • Vaping not (Usually) permitted – Vaping is not permitted in most UK airports, Heathrow however, does allow for vaping up until you are at your final gate.
  • Liquid limits – 100ml or less is permitted and the liquid container must also be contained in a single, transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag.
  • E-Cigarettes can be checked or carried on – E-cigs are permitted in your carry-on luggage in most cases. If you are unsure, many recommend checking your device and liquid with your luggage. Most prepared vapers will do both.

If You’re Taking Other Modes of Transportation

Usually due to lack of space and proximity to others in the public transportation realm you will find most often vaping is prohibited on public transports. Most trains, stations and platforms will have enacted vaping bans so you will want to plan accordingly.

Some of the trains that have vaping bans in place include Virgin, Northern, Southern and Cross Country. Many buses also often carry vaping bans, including all city buses in London. If you know where your travels will take you, research their policies online to see if you will be affected by a ban. If you didn’t have the time to check policies in advance, check for posted signs or have a quick discussion with the operator to clear up any questions regarding e-cigarette policy.

If You’re Enjoying Other Summer Fun

Here’s some other summer vaping issues to think about:

Vaping At Events – Maybe you summer plans involved taking in some sporting events or concerts. Many larger stadiums have already enacted e-cigarette bans, so before you spend a long time in line, check your venue’s policy. Manchester United and Chelsea, for instance, have vaping bans in place.

Keep it Dry – Summertime fun often means you might get a little wet when you’re trying to beat the heat. Make sure you keep your device safe and dry whether at the pool, camping or fishing, or whatever other fun your summer adventures take you on. If you don’t have a standard travel case, now is the time to invest, it will keep you safe and organized—and allow you to truly relax on your summer break.

Summer is a great time to kick back and have fun. Thinking about your vaping plans for travel and recreation now will make your summer fun that much more enjoyable later. Happy vaping and enjoy your summer!

Amber Whaley is a writer and contributor for IEC. She is passionate about writing and reporting on a wide range of issues. She is especially grateful to be able to report on e-cigarettes, as well as any issue that can help others improve their lives, and the lives of those around them.

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