What is Sub-Ohm vaping? (great clouds and more flavor)

What is Sub-Ohm vaping? (great clouds and more flavor)

The Sub-Ohm phenomenon began with the advanced vapers trying to achieve both bigger clouds and more intense flavour. There is no need for you to start building as nowadays there are plenty of sub-ohm vaping devices available on the market (like Apollo’s Reliant 60w ProVTube 5.0 or OHM Go kits).

The Sub-Ohm vaping (also known as Sub Ohming) refers to the use of a vaping device being capable of firing under 1 Ohm of resistance. Basically, any clearomizer that comes with coils under 1 Ohm are capable of Sub Ohming. Anything higher than that is considered to be regular vaping.

The idea behind the Sub Ohming is that when you lower the resistance of the coil, the generated wattage  increases, making the coil hotter and allowing it to generate considerably more vapour.

Why go for Sub-Ohm vaping?

Let’s go together through some of the most important traits of the Sub-Ohm vaping.

Amazing vapour production  – being a Sub-Ohm vaper you have the chance of blowing large clouds of vapour (cloud chasing). The vapour production is significantly higher than on regular vape devices and very similar to that of an RDA/RTAs.

More intense flavour and strength – many vapers feel a much more intense flavour of their e-liquids using the Sub-Ohm tanks. You should also decrease the nicotine level of your favourite e-juice as bigger vapour means more nicotine inhale. Most vapers use lower than 6mg of nicotine when Sub Ohming.

Warmer vapour, similar feel of smoking traditional cigarettes  – as the wattage increases and the coil becomes hotter, the vapour produced is warmer than usual. This is why many vapers prefer this type of vape.

Having in mind the advantages mentioned above, please also take into consideration a higher energy consumption. Also, the bigger the cloud is, the more e-liquid is used. So make sure you order a little bit more of e-juice than usual.

You also have to consider the battery you are using when firing your device under 1ohm resistance, or even under 0.5 ohm. The best results are with higher than 1600mah ecig batteries that offer built-in safety features. If your battery gets too hot, stop vaping and remove the tank from the battery until it cools down. When it comes to vaping, your safety should come first.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct Lung (DL)?

Every vaper is different, therefore there are several ways to vape.

If mouth to lung, slower and prolonged vape is your thing, then the most suitable is the 1 ohm resistance (see Apollo’s Ohm Kit ). On the other hand, if you choose to inhale direct to lung, the 0.5 ohm or under is a far better choice (we recommend Aspire Atlantis or the Phazer Tank).

What type of e-liquid works better on Sub-Ohm devices?

We would have to say that high VG e-liquids are most suitable when Sub Ohming, as Max VG e-juices provides large amounts of dense vapour, give a smoother throat hit than PG and are suitable for all-day vaping.

The first thing you have to do when starting to Sub-Ohm vape is to rethink your nicotine level. As you know, the vapour comes from vaporizing e-juice. To be able to get more vapour, you are going to burn more e-liquid. This is the reason Max VG e-liquids tend to have lower nicotine levels so you can reduce the amount of nicotine consumed. For example, if you are vaping three times as much e-juice, you only need 1/3 of your usual nicotine strength.


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