A short trip to battery land (safety, terminology and maintenance for the average user)

A short trip to battery land (safety, terminology and maintenance for the average user)

The battery is a vital element for the smoke-free life you have chosen. Vaping industry greatly depends on these little gems for heating the e-juice that is transformed into the so much appreciated vapour. When you think of batteries and vaping, you inevitably think about design, features and safety. So let us undertake and bring a beam of light in the convoluted world of batteries.

What to look for when purchasing a new battery?

It is essential to know how long will the new battery last between charges. Therefore you should pay attention to the battery capacity which is listed in mAh (milliampere-hour). The higher the mAh rating is, the longer the battery will last. Roughly, we can say that 100 mAh equals 1 hour of usage.

The mAh is a good guideline to follow in regards to battery life, but it is hard to say exactly for how long a single charge can last (as it is greatly influenced by your style of inhaling, the surrounding temperature, the resistance you are using it with).

Voltage is another thing you might want to take into consideration as it represents the electric potential of the device you are using (the power that is coming out of your battery). The average voltage for the e-cig standard batteries is around 3.3 – 4.2, mostly used at 3.7 volts.

How can voltage affect your vaping? Well, it simply translates into the actual quality of the vapour you are inhaling. This is the reason more and more batteries have now Variable Voltage settings, so the vaper can simply adjust his battery to the resistance used or their personal convenience.

What is the difference between Manual and Automatic?

Manual batteries have a „press me” button on their bodies to be turned on/off. The actual vapour production and inhale is possible only by pressing and holding the firing button. This transpose into actually having total control over your vape (you can decide how long to drag, how many puffs to take, lock your device when not using it).

Automatic batteries are simply activated when the vaper takes a drag on the e-cig. Yes, is as simple as that – you only have to take a few puffs to turn on this type of battery and its simplicity is often the reason why many vapers choose this type of battery at the beginning of their vaping journey. The thing with automatic batteries is that they have an approximately 5 seconds discontinuation between drags.

Tips on how to use your battery properly and increase its lifespan:

  • Power down your battery when you are not using it. Doing so, it can actually save your battery from accidental discharging. You might also want to remove the clearomiser from the battery when not in use as it uses a little bit of charge even when you are not inhaling.
  • Protect your battery. You should always make sure that your battery is kept in optimum condition. Keep your battery in a protective casewhile on the go (the batteries should be kept away from any metallic object) and also protect it from being dropped or being exposed to any large impact. Make sure you disconnect the atomiser from the battery as well when travelling with it (when the clearomiser is still attached can cause pressure to where your battery connects to the clearomiser and this lead to your battery’s connection breaking, exposing wires and stripping threads). Do not expose your Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery to excessive heat, and always use it at room temperature.
  • Don’t over-tighten the clearomiser (tank) to the battery. Over-tightening a clearomiser does not mean that your e-cig will perform better….quite the contrary. Over-tightening can cause your battery to short and can also strip the threading on your battery. “Finger tight” is enough to screw a clearomiser into a battery.
  • Use it regularly. Just like others lithium ion powered devices, your e-cig battery is meant to be used on a daily basis. Avoid leaving your battery unused for long periods of time. Drain and then charge to 100% at least once a month if you want your battery to perform at its best. Another rule you may want to follow in order to extend the lifespan of the lithium ion battery is to drain it at least 20% before recharging and also allow to charge at least 20% before being removed from the charger.
  • The best way to store batteries is with a full charge. Make sure your battery are fully charged (or at least 70% full) if you do not want your battery to drain faster and take much more time when charging.
  • Disconnect batteries when they are fully charged. Overcharging will produce damage to the battery and reduce its lifespan.
  • Clean it periodically. Just make sure you remove the dust or any drops of e-liquid that might be stuck inside the connecting area of your battery so it can function as good as new.

External 18650 batteries

18650 rechargeable batteries are 3.7-volt lithium based cells used to power top performance vaping devices. In order to make the right choice, you might look for the stated capacity (rated in mAh) and amps rating (current handling – continuous discharge rate) and decide what works best with your current device. It is preferred to stick to well-known manufacturers in the world of electronics (like LGSonyPanasonicor Samsung), rather than buying a cheaper product and concern about its lifetime or safety.

18650 batteries together with advanced vaping gear are more suitable for the experimented vapers with vast knowledge on the Ohm’s Law, and battery safety.

Short safety guide for 18650 batteries:

  • Any battery can be unsafe if not taking proper care of.
  • Do not expose them to extreme temperatures (over 45°C or under -20°C ) as you will cause beyond retrieve damages (poor to no performance).
  • To prolong your battery life, it is recommended to partial discharge and recharge multiple times. It can do wonders on prolonging battery life this way and it is a lot better than discharging all the way down and then recharging.
  • Your battery must have room temperature before it can be used (both in charging or discharging stages).
  • Do not overcharge or over discharge them. Overcharging / over discharging a Lithium based battery is not safe and can seriously damage your battery. A good quality charger is to be used so it can properly terminate the charge cycle when the battery is charged (usually they get off at 4.2 volts). When it comes to discharging, avoid going below 3 volts.
  • Replace your 18650 battery when you get repeated “low battery” alerts or when your mod is not performing as good as it used to (when keeping the same settings). Your battery also needs to be replaced if is gets warmer than usual during use or charging or you encounter any sign of physical damage or vents and leaks fluid.

*source info for the short safety guide for 18650 batteries:

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