A short guide on how to give up smoking (a short read on giving up on cigarettes)

A short guide on how to give up smoking (a short read on giving up on cigarettes)

We all have different reasons for wanting to give up smoking- either we realise smoking is bad for our health, we want to make some savings or why not – please the loved ones. Can you just imagine yourself without the bad aftertaste, having no tobacco scent in your clothes and hair and getting your smell and taste back? Yes, it’s possible. It’s called vaping.

You still have to enjoy the pleasure of inhaling, but this time, you have a softer vapour to inhale and not tonnes of carcinogens and bad chemicals. And yes, your tea or coffee tastes even better with an e-cig.

Giving up smoking is not the easiest thing to do

We’ve been there. Breaking the habit and giving up smoking is not an easy road. Although we are perfectly aware of all the risks, smoking is addictive. A lot of will power is required to get rid of the burning desire to light up a cigarette.

Why should I choose an e-cig?

The e-cigs are proven to be the extra help you needed to give up smoking. Electronic cigarettes were designed to temper the nicotine cravings without the damaging effects of smoking. They deliver your nicotine shot by heating and vaporising the deliciously flavoured e-liquid while providing a great experience. That’s what makes them the best and most effective alternative to smoking. No burning, no smoke, no worries. And lots of options – amazing flavours, various nicotine strengths, and plenty choices when it comes to design and features. So you have no excuse to miss your true chance of giving up smoking for good.

Nicotine patches and gum are so out

We are sure you tried to quit smoking before. Actually going from smoking to vaping is a really smooth transition. We know that once you have been a smoker for years, it’s not that easy to get satisfaction from nicotine patches or gum. It’s just not the same thing. On the other hand, having a device similar to a cigarette and still being able to puff it’s another story. A successful one.

Nicotine cravings

Sometimes with smoking, it’s not even about nicotine cravings. It’s about the experience you have, the rituals associated with, the feel and the pleasure of inhaling and exhaling the smoke. The best thing about vaping is that you can have all of that. And more.

If you are seriously attached to your nicotine, there is nothing to worry about. The e-cig gives you the best amount of nicotine and the pleasure of drawing the vapour inside your mouth or lungs. But this time you’ll have lots of nicotine levels and flavours to try on. With the e-cigs, you can create your favourite e-juice by mixing the e-liquids you like. And the feeling you get when you are exhaling a huge cloud of vapour is priceless.

Can I get the same feel with vaping?

Sure you do. Vaping is as enjoyable and pleasurable as smoking is as you get to draw a great amount of vapour and still have the throat hit you are used to. Only this time it comes without any harmful side-effects.

If you are much attached to the tobacco experience you can get tobacco flavoured e-juice to have the closest thing to the experience of smoking. Minus the bad part. And the best thing is that you don’t get to throw money away because you weren’t able to finish your cigarette. Now you’re in control of every vape you take. When, for how long, how often you like.

You can customise your vaping experience as you wish – how much vapour you need, the length of battery life, and of course, the flavours that are the most appealing to you. The choice is entirely yours – you can go for the simple vaping devices that mimic an actual cigarette, the ones addressed to intermediate vapers or the most advanced models for the most intense experience possible.

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