How safe and healthy the electronic cigarettes are? (compared to smoking)

How safe and healthy the electronic cigarettes are? (compared to smoking)

People around us, the vapers, are frequently asking how safe the e-cigs really are for our health or if they are better than the regular cigarettes. We are constantly facing the opinion of others who have read a misleading piece of news or heard a rumour about it.

Evidence suggests that e-cigarettes may be safer than regular cigarettes

„The biggest danger from tobacco is the smoke, and e-cigarettes don’t burn. Tests show the levels of dangerous chemicals they give off are a fraction of what you’d get from a real cigarette. Others look at possible benefits for smokers. Obviously, it would be best if smokers could quit completely, says Michael Siegel, MD, MPH, a professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health. But if that’s not possible, I think they’d be a lot better off with e-cigarettes. They’re a safer alternative.” (source: webmd)

Ecigs are considered to be a healthy tool in order to quit smoking

The vaping community around the globe consider the electronic cigarettes to be a lot safer than traditional cigarettes and  much more socially acceptable than regular cigarettes or cigars.

„Studies show that the product (ecig) can be 100 to 1000 times less dangerous than smoking tobacco, adding that when using their device, nicotine is “apparently not absorbed from the lung, but from the upper airways”. Another, much smaller email study of 216 e-cigarette users finds that 31% were tobacco free at six months, while 66% were able to cut back on the number of conventional cigarettes they smoked. A still smaller study of 40 smokers also finds adding e-cigarettes helped smokers reduce the number of traditional cigarettes they smoked each day.” (source: CNN Health)

Smoke-free and tobacco-free products

Because they don’t burn tobacco, there’s no smoke, no carbon monoxide and no odour; what you inhale is vapour. [source: FDA]

The e-liquid that turns into vapour represents a combination of nicotine, water, flavourings and bases such as Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. Some e-juices contain nicotine levels similar to regular tobacco cigarettes, while others contain amounts closer to that of a light cigarette. The vapers have also the possibility of purchasing e-liquid without nicotine at all, with or without flavours– and enjoy only the sensory experience of smoking (vaping) without any harmful effect.

„Liquid nicotine is extracted from tobacco and it is harmless when it’s inhaled. It can „be harmful when ingested or absorbed through your skin. Only a small dose is dangerous — less than one tablespoon of many of the e-liquids on the market is enough to kill an adult, and as little as a teaspoon could kill a child.” (source: Richtel)

„Nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes is real, although studies suggest that exposure is far less from e-cig vapours than from the smoke of regular cigarettes. Nicotine emissions are 10 times lower than from burning tobacco, and the second-hand aerosol doesn’t contain significant amounts of tobacco-specific toxins – carbon monoxide or other toxic volatile organic compounds”. (source: Czogala)

All our Apollo E-Liquids use 100% food safe ingredients and laboratory grade nicotine. Our liquids are mixed by 2 degreed chemists in our facility in Northern California which adheres to good manufacturing practices commonly found in the food industry.

We follow strict protocols and procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process. From recipe development to bottling, your bottle was created with the intention of providing excellence.

Health reports about Electronic cigarettes in UK

„A  2015 report by Public Health England encourages the medical licensing of e-cigarettes in the UK as nicotine replacement therapy, stating that the use of vaping is “95% safer than smoking” and “can help people to quit smoking and reduce their cigarette consumption” even “among those not intending to quit and rejecting other support.” Beside that, a research from France’s Health Barometer, which conducted telephone interviews with over 15,000 people, finds that e-cigs “could have helped several hundreds of thousands” quit smoking, at least temporarily”. (source: edition.cnn)

Earlier in 2015, Public Health England urged smokers to switch to vaping, saying e-cigarettes were far safer than traditional tobacco, according to Telegraph UK.

“E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco and could be prescribed on the NHS in future to help smokers quit,” BBC News reports. This is the main finding of an evidence review carried out by Public Health England, a government agency that aims to protect and improve the nation’s health and wellbeing, and reduce health inequalities.

Unlike “traditional” cigarettes, they do not contain the many dangerous chemicals that can increase the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke. (source:

What are the main findings of the review?

  • There has been a rise in e-cigarette use that has been matched by a corresponding decrease in smoking.
  • E-cigarettes are now the most popular quitting aid in England.
  • There is good-quality evidence that e-cigarettes can be effective in helping people quit smoking.
  • While data on their long-term safety is unavailable, expert opinion is that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoking.
  • When used as intended, e-cigarettes pose no risk of nicotine poisoning.
  • E-cigarettes release negligible amounts of nicotine into the environment, and no health risks to bystanders (e.g. passive smoking) have been identified. (source:

E-cigs are in so many ways a safer alternative to regular cigarettes

„E-cigarettes are designed to simulate the act of tobacco smoking by producing an appealingly flavoured aerosol that looks and feels like tobacco smoke and delivers nicotine but with less of the toxic chemicals produced by burning tobacco leaves. Because they deliver nicotine without burning tobacco, e-cigarettes appear as if they may be a safer, less toxic alternative to conventional cigarettes”. (source: drugabuse)

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