Prevent your coil from burning (and save money on the way)

Prevent your coil from burning (and save money on the way)

We believe everyone knows by now how a burnt coil (burnt wick) taste like. The flavour the e-juice gets once the coil is burnt is truly unmistakable… We know for sure you will enjoy the e-liquids and have your taste buds dancing with joy for much longer without the horrible burnt taste… Don’t get us wrong – your coils will eventually burn out as they are not designed to last forever, but let’s see how we can save some money and get the most out of our coils!

Priming the new coil

If you do not prime your new coil, you can ruin it from the very beginning. A new coil head is completely dry and you have to go to completely soaked.

How to do it? Add 3-5 drops of e-liquid directly into the centre hole of your coil and let it sit for about 5 minutes. The second way to do it is to puff on your clearomizer without holding the button to kind of pull the liquid into the coil (drag as if you were vaping but without pushing the fire button). Just make sure you are doing it gently, as a hard suction may cause gurgling or even to get the e-juice up in your mouth. If any of these methods sound too complicated, go for the easy way – let the new coil sit in the filled clearomizer for about 20 minutes before you start vaping.

Keep your tank at least 50% full

The amount of juice in your tank should never go below the holes in your coil. When you ran too low on e-juice and this happens, you will experience dry hits and your coils will burn out. If you want your coils to be in the best shape, we recommend you to refill your tank more often so that is never less than 50% full – the coils should be covered in e-liquid. Your wicks will be all soaked and ready for action.

Let go of chain vaping

Excessive vaping (or chain vaping) feels so good…but it’s actually so bad. The coils were not designed to be used continuously. So vaping continuously will easily burn out your coils as the coils do not have enough time to get saturated with e-liquid. As you don’t want to shorten your coil’s life, allow a few minutes in between vaping sessions as the device needs some cooling as well.

Go easy on wattage

Everyone is aiming for the biggest clouds. The bigger the clouds, the more e-juice you get to vaporise. This can also create an impact on your coil. To prevent your coil from easily burning the best solution is to reduce the power settings. Start with a low value especially when you have a new coil in and increase the wattage gradually over the day.

Use Temperature Control

Temperature control (TC) function is the hero that saves us from burning our coil. Usually, this feature comes with more advanced devices and basically will sense how fast the atomizer heats up and prevent firing when your coil is dry. This way you don’t have to experience any burnt or dry hits. Clever, right?

Now that you know everything about how to make your coil last longer, why not support us and have a look at our selection of vape kits?


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