Nicotine Shot and short fills for DIY Eliquids (a short effective guide)

Nicotine Shot and short fills for DIY Eliquids (a short effective guide)

The ability to mix, create your own favourite flavour or spice up your already amazing eliquid comes with time. While the beginner vapers will always choose the easy way, that of buying a vape ready ejuice, the veterans of vaping rather prefer to master their skills into crafting their vape.

To keep up with their needs and the latest trends of vaping, we are happy to introduce now the flavourless nicotine shot. We are pretty sure that will soon become an indispensable way of turning any eliquid into a customizable vape experience tailored to your own taste.

When to use a nicotine booster?

The nicotine shot, also known as a nicotine booster, is the “magic potion” that helps any vaper to reach a suitable nicotine strength and upgrades the vaping outcome. Sometimes we find ourselves not happy with the nicotine level of our ejuice, feeling we are not getting the desired kick, so this is when the tiny nicotine shot steps in.

Why use a nicotine shot? Well, adding it to your bottle of juice will certainly make you enjoy vaping a lot more, and experience the desired throat hit while keeping your favourite aroma. Just make sure to have a bigger bottle at hand and enough space for a homogenous mix.

The nicotine booster also proves to be of a great help when you decide to create our own juice starting from scratch. In this case, mixing a VG/PG base in the preferred ratio, adding your favourite flavour and one or several shots will delight your taste buds to the max. Just make sure to leave the eliquid steep for a while, so it can achieve a better flavour and reveal the best notes.

Not knowing much about steeping? Well, to steep your ejuice means basically to leave the ejuice sit for a while in order to get the most out of your e-liquid. In order to do a proper steeping, you have to place your bottle (with all the ingredients already mixed) in a cool dry place for a week or several weeks and shake them as often as you can to speed up the blending process. You can try to vape the ejuice from time to time and find the optimum steeping time for the ingredients blended and your personal taste. If you find it difficult to stay away for a long time without your flavourful vapours, you can try to breathe the ejuice – let the bottle cap open for approximately 30 minutes or until bubbles clear.

How to use a nicotine shot?

The Nic’It shot comes in 10ml and 18mg nicotine, allowing countless combinations. It was designed to add a desired amount of nicotine in approximately 50ml of E-Liquid in a 60ml bottle of your choice, making it 60ml of ejuice with 3mg nicotine, as we all know that we can never have enough of our favourite all day vape.

For example, adding a Nic’It 10ml shot in 20ml ejuice will result in 30ml of Eliquid with 6mg nicotine strength. Following this ratio, it can be used in various blends and get any kind of nicotine concentration you’d like. Its versatility allows room for mix the e-juices around to get your personal favourite strength while satisfying a wide array of vaping preferences.

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