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The new Solice PRO is the latest smart device by VapeEze. We like to call it smart because of it's features. The device itself is sleek and stylish, holding a 280mAh battery. This kit also includes a case containing a 1050mAh internal battery, which will charge your device while it's stored inside. While your device is charging inside it's case, an UV light placed near your vape mouthpiece will sterilise your pod, making sure you will always keep your vape clean and ready to use!
Solice Pro Kit by VapeEze

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Let's go through the details about the VapeEze Solice Pro device and find out why we recommend so much the newest technology by VapeEze:

NEW GOLDEN CORE TECH 2.0 SYSTEM: Solice is the first pod system to utilise GCT 2.0 coils. This new material was selected and extensively tested to ensure maximum longevity and a perfect flavour from each refillable pod. NanoTech coated Nichrome prevents E Juice from sticking to the coil, resulting in a much longer coil lifespan and a purer taste.

NEVER RUN OUT OF CHARGE: The Solice device comes with a 280mAh internal battery for an all-day vaping! Also, it has a charging case which will keep your device charged when on the go. The wireless charging case counts with a 1050mAh battery, which can fully charge your device under 20 minutes!

Solice Pro Kit by VapeEze
Not just that: the Solice charging case also sterilises your device after every use with a powerful internal UV light, perfect for these uncertain times!

YOU'RE IN CONTROL: With three power levels available at the press of a button, you can get the perfect hit consistently. With our open pod system, you can use any of your favourite E-liquids without being locked into subpar prefilled pods.

EASY FILL, LEAKPROOF "LATCH" PODS: The Solice has a large filling port, making it easy to insert your favourite Apollo E-liquid into your pod.

VERSATILITY: The Solice is optimised for Freebase Nicotine, Nicotine Salts, and CBD oil. You can use this kit with any kind of e-liquid! Just fill your pod and vape away!

Solice Pro Charging Case

1 VapeEze Solice
1 1050 mAh Capacity Wireless Charging Case
2 Empty MTL 1.5 Pods (1.5Ohms)
1 Charging Cable

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