How Electronic Cigarettes Work (components + how to use)

How Electronic Cigarettes Work (components + how to use)

The e-cigarettes are proven to be the best and most effective alternative to smoking. The e-cigs are not only designed to fix the nicotine cravings but to replicate the joy of puffing without any damaging effects.

How does an ecig work?

The electronic cigarettes are made from 3 basic components: a battery, a heating element, and e-liquid. When the ecig battery is fired, the heating element (atomizer/coil) heats up the e-liquid and turns it into the deliciously tasting vapour.

Ecig components

To help you fully enjoy vaping and understand each part of your vaping’s device role in the overall vape experience, let’s have a look at the main ecigs components:

Battery – The battery is the one that supplies power to the atomizer (coil, heating element). The ecig batteries designed for beginner and intermediate vapers features mainly built-in batteries, as the more advanced vape mods feature a battery body and use one or more high drain batteries.

Tank – The ecig tank/clearomiser is made out of glass, centre tube (chimney), coil and drip tip (further described) and in fact the e-cigarette component that holds up the eliquid. Basically, the battery provides power to the tank’s coil and the coil turns the ejuice into vapour.

Coil – the coil is the resistance that gets heated by the battery in order to produce the vapour when heating the eliquid. The coil is also the part that gets most often replaced, as the wicks inside the coil get burnt with every vape and require to be changed. If you plan to use your ecig more than a few days, (the lifespan of a coil can be 2 days up to 2 weeks’ time, depending on the vape frequency, style of vaping, vape setup, etc.), you will need to have some extra replacement coils to go with your ecig or vaping kit. Read more on how to prevent the coil from burning on

Drip tip – the drip tip is the mouthpiece used for inhaling the vapour from your clearomiser/tank. Depending on the preferred style of vape and the vape outcome, you can choose between a wide bore drip (featured on most sub-ohm tanks, and more suitable for direct lung vaping) and a narrower one (the narrower drip tips are better for the mouth to lung style of vaping). You can read more about vaping styles/techniques on

Eliquid – The e-liquid is the actual flavour that goes into the tank and gets turned into the vapour inhaled. The ejuice is not part of the vape kit or e-cigarettes found on our website and needs to be purchased separately. It comes in different VG/PG ratio, different flavours and nicotine strengths, including nicotine-free. Read more about VG and PG on 

How to get the best vaping experience

For the best performance of your e-cig battery, we recommend to use it regularly and charge it using a wall adapter. We cannot say exactly how long a single charge can last or for how long you can use it before it needs to be replaced, as the battery life is greatly influenced by your style of inhaling, the surrounding temperature, the resistance you are using it with, and vaping frequency. For battery maintenance tips you want to go through the following article –

To make the most out of your tank you should consider replacing the coil whenever is no longer in good working condition (burnt taste, leakage, poor to none vapour), always allow enough time for priming and clean it periodically.

We recommend to follow the following procedure for replacing the coil, cleaning the tank (it will make it work as good as new – well, almost) and priming:

– Dismantle the tank, take out of the coil head, and wash thoroughly all tank parts under warm water. Then you have to let your tank dry completely.

– Replace the coil with a new coil head (depending on your tank model and e-liquid used), make sure the new coil head is screwed to the bottom base firmly before you assemble to the main glass tank. Fill the tank with eliquid (avoid the centre tube), then leave it 20 minutes before you start to vape – to be enough primed.

Vaping is a bit different than smoking, this is why you should replace the firm, sharp way of smoking with a more slow, and soft inhale. And no matter what ecig kit you are using, always let you battery fire for 1-2 seconds before taking a drag (so that the battery can have enough time to turn the liquid into vapour) – this will keep the spitting and leaking problems away.

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