E-cig and Vape Kit maintenance & care made easy in 6 steps

E-cig and Vape Kit maintenance & care made easy in 6 steps

We often encounter some difficulties when it comes to maintain our e-cig to work as good as it first did, especially when we have to deal with replacing some of its components. So, our purpose is just to make your life a lot easier by detailing the most common issues that might take place and how to properly use your vaping devices.

Coil replacement

Please follow the procedure below to clean and assemble the clearomizer properly when changing or cleaning your coils: 

1. Unscrew the bottom base of the clearomizer, take out of the coil heads, dry the coil heads with the tissue and then screw the coil heads to the bottom base firmly (finger tight but not loose).

2. Wash the main tube of the clearomizer under the warm water, let it dry completely.

3. Refill the eliquid, then screw the coil heads/bottom base unit to the main tube. Wait a couple of minutes, then you can start to inhale. Do take a slow, longer, soft drag.

Priming the coils

Whenever you put in a new coil head you want to make sure to prime it first. If you don’t prime the coil head, the clearomizer will taste burnt because you are burning dry wicks. And we are trying to stay away from that burnt flavour as the worst thing is to get a new coil, forget to prime it, take a first hit and it’s just nasty. You’ve ruined the coil head especially if you have adjustable voltage and you just start burning your wicks like that – you will ruin the coil in just a few puffs.

There are 2 ways of priming the new coils:

1. First is letting the new coil sit in the filled clearomizer for about 10 minutes before you start vaping. This applies to all the coils, especially to single or dual ones. The coils used in the sub tanks will allow you to put in a few drops of e-liquid directly into its centre hole and only let it sit for about 5 minutes.

2. The second way to do it is to puff on your clearomizer without holding the button to kind of pull the liquid into the coil (drag as if you were vaping but without pushing the fire button). Just make sure you are doing it gently, as a hard suction may cause gurgling or even to get the e-juice up in your mouth.

The lifespan of the coil heads

The lifespan of the coil heads greatly depends on the usage and the style of vaping. However the coil heads of the clearomizer needs to be replaced when it’s burnt out. The lifespan of the coil heads lasts couple of days to 2 weeks time and greatly depends on usage and the style of vape. It’s the time to replace it when it tastes burning, produces little vapour, or leaking.

Leaking problems

If you have new coils on and still you experience leaking from the mouth piece, this may be caused by inhaling too hard on the e-cig. If you hear a gurgling noise while trying to take a drag from the e-cig this is an indicator that you are taking too hard of a drag. When dragging to hard, too much suction is applied to the tank and will pull excess e-liquid into the centre tube and the coil inside cannot vaporise all of the excess e-liquid. To resolve this, take the coil head out of the clearomizer then clean the centre tub, and also with a paper towel or napkin under the coil head, blow through the bottom hole until no more e-liquid comes out of the other side, and repeat this with the coil head flipped over so you drain the rest of the excess e-liquid from the bottom of the coil. Once this is done, put the clearomizer back together and try taking longer, slower, and easier drags.

Avoid excessive vaping

Excessive vaping (or chain vaping) will easily burn out your coils, as they were not designed to be used continuously. So, if you don’t want to shorten your coil’s life and experience sore throat, irritation or vaper’s tongue, allow a couple minutes in between vaping sessions as the device needs some cooling as well. And you might also want to turn off your e-cig when not vaping as it can be firing in your pocket or bag without you being aware of.

Battery issues

If the battery takes charge and can be turned on, but you can not use it when vaping, it could be that the centre pin of the battery has been press down too much and no longer in contact with the coil heads. This can be fixed by use a paper clip to gently raise the centre pin a bit. Please note do not over tighten the tank when connect to the battery – finger tight is enough.


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