The difference between Kanthal, Clapton & Nickel coils

The difference between Kanthal, Clapton & Nickel coils

You surely figured out by now which kind of flavour suits you best. And we bet you are pretty satisfied with your new sub-ohm tank. We know the clouds can be really impressive on those. What about when it comes to buying new replacement coils for the amazing sub-ohm tank that you own? There are a lot of options out there, especially for the most advanced tanks. Which one should you choose? That depends on your vaping needs, the type of hardware you are using, and of course, the settings on your device.

Let’s go together through the types of coils can be found on Apollo’s site, their most important features and see in which mode are to be used.

Kanthal is a mix of iron, chromium, and aluminium. It gives a high, stable resistance and a great durability in time – a slightly longer lifespan than other wirings.

Kanthal wiring provides endless combinations translated into different resistances suitable for any style of vape (you can have it in 0.2, 0.5, 1 or even 1.2 ohm on the Apollo site). It easily heats up as electricity passes through and provides the fastest ramp of all (the amount of time it takes the coil to heat and produce vapour in an optimum manner).

Having this is mind, is easier to understand what makes it the standard material used for coils and so popular and appreciated by the vapers all around the world.

Kanthal coils available on our site are designed to be used only in wattage mode.

Clapton coils are usually made from Kanthal and it’s all about the style of the coil winding. Claptons are more complex from the wiring point of view and have a wider area of wiring. As this means more contact with the e-juice, it can also vaporise it better, being more efficient.

Many Clapton vapers feel that it gives better flavour and more dense vapour. It usually requires more power to perform well and is more on the slow ramp (it will take a little more time for the coil to heat up).  Although they heat up in a slower pace, once they heat they tend to give a warmer vapour. Since the winding area is more generous, you might need a bit more e-juice than usual and it might also gunk up faster.

Clapton coils available on our site are designed to be used only in wattage mode.

Ni200 coils are made of pure Nickel and have the highest temperature coefficient. There are to be found usually in a lower resistance, and it predictably changes resistance with a change in temperature. This is the reason why they are used only in Temperature Control mode. That means you are not getting any dry hits and once you’ve found the right temp for your e-liquid, you should have a consistent vape all the way.

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