Clearomizers, correct use and mixing e-liquids

Clearomizers, correct use and mixing e-liquids

Choosing the right clearomizers

Usually people start with the Endeavor Starter Kit or the Ohm Go Kit. If you may feel you are not getting enough vapor, we recommend upgrading to a clearomizer that can be used with Superior eGo battery, the Ohm50w battery, the VTube or the Deluxe Evod Twist – each of these options are as good.

Most of the time people start out with our CE4 which it’s our top wicked disposable clearomizer which usually lasts up to 5-7 refills up to 2 to 3 weeks and then the wicks inside the tank burn out – you get a burn taste, it can leak, the E-liquid turns darker. In this case we recommend upgrading to the Evod which uses replacement coil heads which is actually cheaper in the long run because you are not buying a whole new tank everytime, you just buy a 5 pack of coils.

If you feel that you can not produce enough vapor our recommendation is for you to upgrade to the Aspire Nautilus Tank together with a more advanced battery like the Reliant Mod or the VTube as them both have adjustable voltage and you can turn up the heat a little bit and get better results. They are both working to their full potential.

When it comes to the Evod you want to take light, slow drags otherwise it will leak. With the Nautilus as it has adjustable air fleak you can take a much harder drag – it best describes as you have a tissue between your clearomizer and your lips and you don’t want to disturb the tissue, you don’t want to move it, so you take really light, slow drags and you actually get better vapor production that way.

Correctly priming the clearomizer to avoid burnt flavour

Whenever you put in a new coil head you want to make sure to puff on your clearomizer without holding the button to kind of pull the liquid into the wicks. If you don’t prime the coil head the clearomizer will taste burnt because you are burning dry wicks. And we are trying to stay away from that burnt flavour as the worst thing is to get a new coil, forget to prime it, take a first hit and it’s just nasty. You’ve ruined the coil head especially if you have adjdustable voltage and you just start burning your wicks like that – you will ruin the coil in just a few puffs.

Mixing our Apollo E-liquids for custom strength and flavour

We are going to tell you a little about mixing our E-liquids to get your custom strenght or flavour.

One of our personal favourites when it comes to flavour mixing is French Vanilla and Banana Cream, although they also taste sooooo good on their own. Another idea can be that of mixing the Kiwi Watermelon – pretty tasty – and a little bit of our Menthol Breeze. In this case it just adds a little mentholy cool aftertaste to any of your fruit flavours so it just goes extremely well together. For that we just do a 50/50 mixture of it but you can always experiment with the ratio you want.

Clearing previous flavours

We are usually mixing the E-liquids inside the tank, by filling it with half of both flavours.

We just loosen up the bottom of the clearomizer – if you have a new coil head sometimes it’s good to drip just a little bit on the actual coil so you don’t need to do the priming puffs and it will be already pretty saturated – you just give it a minute or two to make sure.

We love our Menthol Breeze as it is not the regular menthol we find in regular cigarettes but an ice cold menthol.  So we like to mix it with fruity flavours like Watermelon, get a little crazy and add some Kiwi WatermelonGreen Apple. On normal cigarettes you can simply not get a menthol fruit flavour.

One thing that you want to do is mix it, of course. You don’t have to mix it in a spare bottle, you can just do it inside the clearomizer and mix it up a little bit. If it is a new coil, make sure you prime it before – just take a few light puffs without firing device, keep yout thumb on the air hole and then give it a shot. That’s the good stuff. It has a nice cool taste afterwards…sooo good.

Another mix we like doing it is Razzle and Hemy Orange…but you can just mix up any flavours you think it might be cool together. If you buy a bottle and really not like it that much sometimes it is good to buy something new and mix them and it becomes a new flavour that you can actually enjoy.

Making your own strength.

Suppose you have a 0mg and a 6mg and you want to bring it down to a 3mg as you don’t want too much nicotine. So you’ll do a 50/50 mixture of it and it will be a 3mg. You can always experiment with that ratio and get any kind of nicotine concentration you’d like. You can do anything on 0mg to 24mg to bring it up to a 12mg or the level you want. You can always mix them around to get your personal favourite strength.


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