Chasing the flavour in the vape experience (5 simple adjustments you can make)

Chasing the flavour in the vape experience (5 simple adjustments you can make)

E-liquids come in a great variety of flavours: tobacco, fruit cocktails, menthol, refreshing drinks, and decadent desserts. The flavour plays a big part of your overall experience with vaping. With only a few things in mind, you can easily maximise the flavour you get when vaping. But, as we all know, it may come to a point where is only a matter of personal taste. And the taste is subjective. We can point out some guidelines, but the rest is up to you and your taste buds.

Let’s start with the e-juice

If you are more into flavour (obviously as you are reading this article), then you should be looking for PG e-liquids. PG (Propylene Glycol, odourless base) carries flavour better and gives more throat hit. On the other hand, VG (Vegetable Glycerin, odourless base) produces more vapour and provides a smoother vape. We consider the 50/50 ratio to be a perfect balance and that is why our Apollo range features 50/50 VG/PG – so you can enjoy both flavour and vapour.

Just because PG gives you more flavour, it doesn’t mean that the high VG juices have none. The Max VG’s are all about excellent vapour production and mild throat hit but are way more complex, offering the different layering of flavour and a great aftertaste.

Tough choice, right?

How to adjust your device to get more flavour

The e-juice part is set now. Let’s see how you can play with and adjust the settings on your vaping device to get more flavour from your vape.

Variable voltage/wattage and Temperature control devices – the best way of finding the right settings on your device is to start with low settings (wattage or temperature) and increase the values until the flavour taste best for your own preference.

Airflow – the airflow settings on your tank can be extremely useful when it comes to feeling the flavour better. You just have to close the airflow holes and you will definitely feel some improvement in terms of the flavour and taste you get. If you decide to close them completely, you can get the tight draw similar to a cigarette and more flavour into the mouth, but also a stronger and maybe harsher throat hit. And less vapour, of course.

Drip tip (mouthpiece) – the long, narrower drip tips allows you to feel the flavour of your e-liquid better than the wide ones that are more suitable for exhaling huge clouds of vapour.

Vaping styles – Mouth to Lung is more about the flavour than it is about clouds. Vaping this way, you will get a stronger throat hit and as you hold the vapour in your mouth a little you get to feel the flavour a lot better.

New coil heads – every e-juice tastes better with a new coil head. If you are feeling that you’re not getting the same taste from your favourite e-liquid, you should try to change the coil with a new coil head (or at least clean your coil and the main tube of the clearomizer under warm water, and let them dry completely).

Fix the Vaper’s Tongue

Many vapers are facing the so-called “vaper’s tongue”. That happens when you can no longer feel the taste of your e-liquid. No, there is nothing wrong with the e-juice you’re having. It’s not a permanent thing and usually only lasts a few days. There is no need to panic about it.

A simple way of avoiding this syndrome is to vape different e-liquids during the day.  Smelling something with a strong scent (like coffee beans) or eating spicy food proved to be helpful as well.

Vaping (just like smoking) can make your mouth drier than usual. If your tongue is dry, the taste buds can no longer feel the flavour when inhaling. The best thing you can do when vaping is to keep yourself well hydrated.

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