How to avoid and fix leaks (7 simple yet effective tips)

How to avoid and fix leaks (7 simple yet effective tips)

Your clearomizer might need extra attention from time to time. Having your tank leaking is as unpleasant as getting a dry hit or experiencing the burnt taste. Follow our short guideline and see how you can avoid or fix leaks.

Change the coil

If your clearomizer runs ok and you find that is suddenly leaking – then you should probably change the coil. The leaking often comes at the same time or prior the burnt taste. The burnt taste is a clear sign that you need to replace your coil. Don’t skip the priming!

The right coil for the e-juice you’re using

If you are using a high PG based e-liquid, then you should probably be using 1.0-ohm resistance coil or above. These coils are specially designed for this thin juice and feature smaller holes.

On the other hand, if Max VG juices are your day to day option, the lower coils (under 1.0-ohm resistance) are definitely more suitable as they can work with the more viscous VG base, as they feature bigger juice holes.

Take long, soft drags

Leaking from the mouthpiece (often accompanied by some gurgling noise) – it’s a clear sign that you are inhaling too hard on the e-cig. Many vapers are in fact, ex-smokers. But the sharp drag like you used to take when smoking a regular cigarette do not apply to e-cigs as well. It is better to take long, soft drags, no matter the vaping technique you prefer (MTL or DL). When dragging too hard, too much suction is applied to the tank and will pull excess e-liquid into the center tube and the coil inside cannot vaporize all of the excess e-liquid. To resolve this, take the coil head out of the clearomizer then clean the center tube, and also with a paper towel or napkin under the coil head, blow through the bottom hole. You should be doing this until no more drops of e-liquid come out and repeat the procedure with the coil head flipped over. Once this is done, put the clearomizer back together and inhale take longer, and slower.

Check the O-rings

If you have a brand new coil and still have leaking issues, especially from the bottom, you want to check that all the O rings on your tank are in the right position – these small rubber rings have practically the job of perfectly sealing your tank and reduce leaking. Of course, you have to replace them if there are no longer in good working condition.

Secure your tank

Just make sure that after you’ve changed the coil, checked the O-rings or even filled up your clearomizer, every component of your tank is placed back together in the right position. Check that the atomizer and the glass section is screwed back right. There is no need to over-tighten – finger tight should be enough.

Fill your tank correctly

Another possible cause for leaking and gurgling is the incorrect filling of your tank. Whenever you have to refill it, make sure you don’t pour the e-liquid inside its center tube. The best way of refilling is to tilt the tank to a 45-degree angle and target the inner walls. If you have noticed any e-juice going down the tube, you can blow the excess out of the bottom.

Keep your tanks standing straight up

The right way of having your tank placed is in a vertical position. This will cancel any chance of leaking. If you place it horizontally, on its side, it is very much possible for the e-juice to go through the coil, and into either the central tube, mouthpiece or out of the air flow holes. If you have to travel with it and cannot have it standing straight up, you can take the e-juice out, remove the clearomizer from the battery and place it in a protective case.

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