Apollo Extreme Ecig PCC (Portable Charger Case)

Apollo Extreme Ecig PCC (Portable Charger Case)

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The Apollo Extreme Kit Portable Charging Case (PCC) is really the best on the market and our customers love it! It's rubberized for a nice grip when you hold it or set it down, it looks sleek, and also performs many useful functions. It works as a battery charger to charge your Apollo e-cig batteries when you don't have access to a power supply, so you’ll always have a fresh battery whenever you need it. 

It has a nice LED power indicator on the front side so that you can easily tell how much power is remaining in the charger pack. It comes with a convenient storage slot to hold the spare battery and also can hold up to five cartomizers. With the Apollo PCC, you can enjoy Apollo e-cigs without worrying about running out of power or cartomizers - for a few days!

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