Apollo Affiliates Program Has Paid Out Over $1 Million

Apollo Affiliates Program Has Paid Out Over $1 Million

Apollo Future Technology Inc. (DBA Apollo Vapes), the world-renowned electronic vaping company based in Livermore, California, recently announced that its affiliate marketing program has made more than $1 million dollars of payouts to its affiliate marketers since the inception of the affiliate program about 5 years ago.

Independent marketers are making an excellent income promoting the finest vapor products.

Apollo designs its hardware devices, and produces all of its high-quality liquids in Bay Area, California. Apollo’s products are widely recognized as some of the best on the market. Rave reviews have come from all across the United States, Asia, as well as loyal fans across the pond. Apollo is global.

Apollo’s mission is simple: to deliver the finest vaping experience to its customers. Through extensive research, ample trial and error and listening to customer feedback, Apollo’s products have become a huge success not just in the United States, but all over the world. The large selection of both hardware and e-liquid products appeal to the entire spectrum of vapers.

Apollo’s online reputation is nothing short of amazing. With over 489 reviews on Feefo and an average of 4.5 stars in both customer experience and product rating, customers are more than satisfied with the products they receive from Apollo.

“Service is excellent, products are excellent, efficiency with packing & speedy delivery. Always have received my products in good condition. I will continue to buy from Apollo. A Very happy customer!”

Customer Review on FeefoFeefo is a tusted 3'rd party review specialist

For anyone that’s ever started a blog or a content website, they’ll know that getting paid through affiliates is the number one source of income. Advertising revenue is low, carrying an inventory is high risk, and there aren’t many other ways to secure a regular source of income. Affiliate marketing provides independent marketers and ambitious content creators easy access to converting traffic into real income. In just a few short years, Apollo affiliate partners have been paid over $1 million dollars.

The way affiliate marketing works is simple. A website (such as a blog, news site or content site) will create content based on a certain product or service. Somewhere in the content, you’ll find a link to the product or service so that readers can actually make a purchase. This referral will be linked back to the website and you’ll be paid a commission. In a sense, affiliate marketing is referring people to a product or service and a generous commission is earned for each purchase.

It is a far more interesting and reliable way to make money on the internet. And when the product is as popular and renowned across the world as Apollo’s electronic vaporziers and e-liquids, you know you have a winning formula on your hands. Sadly, many people are still on the fence about joining an affiliate program and don’t know if it’s the right thing for them. Luckily, Apollo makes it easy.

Apollo’s Affiliate Program

The advantage of Apollo’s affiliate program compared to others is in the finer details. For example, Apollo’s program is designed to work painlessly out of the box. This means it’s easy to sign up for the service, it’s easy to add to your website, and requires no technical knowledge. This low barrier of entry means that anyone can use Apollo’s affiliate program and start earning money from their website assuming they have interesting, informative or unique content around vaping devices and e-liquids.

However, this doesn’t mean that Apollo’s affiliate program isn’t detailed enough for more advanced users. In fact, Apollo provides full real-time statistics and reporting so that you can check your sales, traffic and account balance with ease. You’ll get a full sense of how well your website and affiliate links are doing and it can all be viewed on Apollo’s convenient web-based control panel. This means you can check on your statistics at any time as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection. This makes managing your affiliate content much easier and gives you a fantastic overview of how much you’re earning and how you can improve your income.

When you join Apollo’s affiliate program, you’ll be given tools, links, and banners that you can put on your site. You’ll want to avoid looking spammy so only insert these in content that is related to electronic vaping and e-liquids. However, if your entire website is about vaping, then you can generally insert them anywhere as long as they’re not obstructing the view of your readers. Ideally, you’ll want to add them into the body of content as links or as a call-to-action in your reviews, lists and other blog-style content.

Apollo’s Program Details

Another unique aspect of Apollo’s affiliate program is how upfront and honest we are about how much money you can make. These details are indispensable for webmasters because it helps you decide how much to invest and also helps you gauge your potential earnings.

Apollo’s affiliate program details are simple and straightforward. You receive 20% of each sale that you deliver to Apollo, but depending on the performance, this can go up to as much as 50% per sale. You’ll also get an initial $10.00 USD deposit just for signing up. Yes–that means you get $10.00 USD for free just for showing interest. You’re required to accumulate a minimum balance of $100.00 USD before being paid out, but this shouldn’t take long to achieve with solid content and Apollo’s brand recognition. Payouts are made once per month for the previous month, so this gives you predictability.

With over $1M USD paid out to affiliate members and a simple sign-up process, the Apollo affiliates program is a reliable and trustworthy way for web owners to secure income. Join now to claim your free $10.00 USD sign-up bonus and start turning your website into the business opportunity you’ve always wanted.

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